Betting in face of COVID-19 The first online conference on the conduct of betting business in the conditions of the quarantine

The rapid spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 led to the introduction of restrictive measures in many countries. They, in turn, dealt a devastating blow to the world economy and business. Under threat turned and betting industry. To fight the crisis and to reduce losses, the bookmakers have to adapt its work under the new circumstances and demands of the market.

 April 16 will be held Betting in face of COVID-19 from the company Smile-Expo – the first online conference dedicated to the search for the optimal strategy of betting business during coronavirus pandemic.

 Event will be a platform on which leading bookmakers, gambling operators, suppliers and other interested market players will come together to discuss the latest trends and to participate in discussions on the fight against the crisis in the industry.

 Speakers online conference will talk about the key developments in the market and explain in what areas should be focused during the cancellation of sports matches. They will present successful cases use fantasy sports and esports to keep the business afloat, as well as make predictions about further development industry. About bookmakers activities during a pandemic according to the president of SRO Denisova Darina – can be read here.

 The main topics were:

 Crisis management in the quarantine time experience of successful bookmakers.

 Sports Betting in a cancellation of matches: breakthrough fantasy sports.

 As esports help bookmakers to stay afloat.

 Effective sources of traffic during a pandemic coronavirus.

 Overview of the Russian betting market in the context of the new bill limiting the list of non-sporting events, which can take bets. An overview of the gambling legislation in the summer slots CIS.

 Speakers Betting in face of COVID-19 will become the owners of betting companies, gambling operators, developers of solutions for the gambling industry, affiliates and industry lawyers.

 Seen online conference will learn how to:

 bettingovy protect your business in times of crisis;

 identify areas of work that will bring the maximum benefit;

 develop their bets on the direction of fantasy sports;

 understand the forecasts and projections areas of gambling, betting and esports.

 Event organized by the international company Smile-Expo. On account of its gambling offline-events in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

 April 16 spend time with benefit by studying changes in betting market in a safe online. Registration and more information – on site activities Betting in face of COVID-19.

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